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Graduate Admissions

Application and credentialing fees:
The application fee to the MS and PhD programs within the Department of Biomedical Engineering (BME) at the University of Illinois Chicago (UIC) will be waived for all applicants as long as the applications are submitted by the deadlines of December 15, 2023 (PhD programs) and February 15, 2024 (MS programs). For international applicants, the additional credentialing fee may be waived upon recommendation from one of the BME faculty members; therefore, please contact faculty whose research aligns with your interests.

Graduate Record Examination (GRE):
The GRE requirement is waived for applicants seeking admission to the BME graduate programs at UIC. However, strong GRE scores (Quantitative >80th percentile, Verbal > 70th percentile, Analytical writing >4) can enhance your application. Thus, GRE scores will be accepted and, if provided, evaluated as part of your application.

Prerequisite math requirements and typical GPA of accepted students:
The typical student admitted to the graduate programs in BME at UIC has a GPA of at least 3.0 and has received grades of B or higher in differential calculus (Calc 1), integral calculus (Calc 2), vector and multivariable calculus (Calc 3), and differential equations. Linear algebra may be needed to be successful in specific graduate-level courses but can be waived as a requirement if justified to the Director of Graduate Studies. However, having a GPA higher than the minimum is no guarantee of admission. 

Learning objectives:
The graduate programs in BME at UIC are designed to enable students to acquire the foundational and advanced knowledge for their chosen sub-discipline within BME through formal educational opportunities such as coursework and research seminars, as well as scholarly interactions with faculty and/or fellow researchers. Students will also acquire skills in defining projects involving the development/design, characterization, control, and/or modeling of biological systems, and will be able to present in oral and written formats the principles and techniques of BME to audiences ranging from academic, industrial, government, and public. 

Thesis research:
Graduate students engaged in thesis research for either the MS or PhD degrees will also learn how to design and execute research plans to investigate and find solutions to important problems within research areas of BME faculty/labs including, but not limited to, robotics and wearable electronics for rehabilitation, biomaterials and stem cells for tissue engineering. microphysiological systems for drug development, diagnostic and biosensor platforms for healthcare, cell mechanics in disease, biomedical optics and imaging, and quantitative biology and bioinformatics. 

PhD students in BME will be funded with stipend, full tuition waiver, and partial fee waiver year around for the duration of their studies as long as they are making satisfactory progress towards the didactic and research requirements set forth by BME/UIC. MS students are typically self-funded though some have been able to secure teaching assistant positions in different departments and research assistant positions in select faculty labs; therefore, please contact faculty whose research aligns with your interests.

Career placements:
The graduates of the BME programs at UIC have gone on to secure positions at universities (e.g., tenure-track or teaching faculty), industry (e.g., medical devices, biotech/pharmaceutical, startups), government (e.g., FDA), and for gaining admission to other professional programs (e.g., medical school, law school).

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Students apply for admission to graduate programs in biomedical engineering and bioinformatics through the UIC Graduate College. Applications are considered individually by the admissions committee for graduate programs.

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