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Affiliate Faculty

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The Richard and Loan Hill Department of Biomedical Engineering benefits from the knowledge and perspective of affiliate faculty members, some of whom come from outside UIC and others of whom have primary appointments in other UIC departments and hold a dual or courtesy faculty position with biomedical engineering. Their names, affiliations, research areas, and contact information are all listed below.”

  • To request an affiliate position or to update your information, please contact

Abrams, Charles, PhD
(312) 335-5400
Department/Company: Neurology and Rehabilitation

Ajilore, Olu, PhD
(312) 413-4562
Department/Company: Psychiatry

Alapati, Satish, PhD, DDS
(312) 996-2033
Department/Company: Dentistry Endodontics

Alaraj, Ali, PhD, MD
(312) 355-0510
Department/Company: Neurology and Neurosurgery

Alrefai, Waddah A., MD, PhD
(312) 569-7429/(312)-569-7248
Department/Company:  Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Ansari, Anjum, PhD
(312) 996-8735
Department/Company: Physics
Research Interest: Dynamics of Nucleic Acids & Protein-DNA Interactions

Art, Jonathan J., PhD
(312) 996-4956
Department/Company: Anatomy and Cell Biology

Azar, Dimitri, MD, MBA
(312) 996-2020
Department/Company: Ophthalmology & Visual Science

Banerjee, Prashant, PhD
(312) 996-5599
Department/Company: Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Bartholomew, Amelia, MD, MPH, FACS
Department/Company: Surgery
Research Interest: Stem cell based tissue regeneration Focus: Kidney, skin and soft tissue

Benevolenskaya, Elizaveta, PhD
(312) 413-8947
Department/Company: Medicine

Bhaumik, Dulal, PhD
(312) 413-0348
Department/Company: Epidemiology & Biostatistics
Research Interest: Statistical Inferences, Design of Experiments, Multivariate Analysis

Brady, Scott T., PhD
(312) 996-6791
Department/Company: Anatomy and Cell Biology

Cai, Kejia, PhD
Department/Company:  Radiology
Research Interest: Metabolic and Molecular MRI

Cao, Dingcai, PhD
(312) 355-3662
Department/Company: Ophthalmology

Cetin Sabri, PhD
(312) 996-9611
Department/Company:  Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
Research Interest: Mechatronics, Auomatic Control, Robotics, Automation, CAD/CAM

Chan, Robison, PhD
Department/Company: Ophthalmology & Visual Science

Chronis, Konstantinos, PhD
(312) 355-8012
Department/Company: Medicine

Darbar, Dawood, MBCHB, MD PhD
Department/Company: Medicine and Pharmacology

Dudek, Steven, MD
Department/Company: Medicine

Eisenberg, Robert, PhD
(312) 942-6498
Department/Company: Physiology & Biophysics

Engelhard, Herbert, MD, PhD
(312) 882-8044
Department/Company: Affiliated Neurosurgery
Research Interest: Neurosurgery, Cancer and Bioengineering

Ennis, William J, DO
(312) 355-4300
Department/Company:  Surgery

Erricolo, Danilo, PhD
(312) 996-5771
Department/Company: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Feinerman, Alan, PhD
(312) 996-2313
Department/Company: ECE
Research Interest: Fiber Optic Technology

Feinstein, Douglas, PhD
(312) 355-1665
Department/Company: Anesthesiology
Research Interest: Neuroscience

Finan, John, PhD
(312) 413-1031
Department/Company: Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Foucher, Kharma C, PhD
Department/Company: Kinesiology and Nutrition

Gao, Yu (Tom), PhD
Department/Company: Pharmaceutical Sciences
Research Interest: Mass Spectrometry, Proteomics, Bioinformatics, Single-cell Biology

Garcia-Martinez, Jesus, MD, PhD
(312) 355-0260
Department/Company: Physiology & Biophysics
Research Interest: Exciataion-contraction Coupling in Skeletal & Cardiac Muscle

Gemeinhart, Richard, PhD
(312) 996-2253
Department/Company: Pharmaceutics/ Pharmacodynamics
Research Interest: Polymer Chemistry for Drug Delivery & Biomaterials

George, Anne, PhD
(312) 413-0738
Department/Company: Oral Biology
Research Interest: Biomineralization, Noncollagenous Protein, Dentin, Gene Cloning

Gill, Ravinder K, PhD
(312) 569-7849
Department/Company: Medicine

Golman, Jennifer, MD
Department/Company: Neurology

Grabiner, Mark, PhD
(312) 996-2757
Department/Company: Kinesiology
Research Interest: Aging, Musculoskeletal Biomechanics

Gupta, Bhaskar Das, PhD
(312) 355-1319
Department/Company: Computer Science
Research Interest: Bioinformatics, Neural Networks, Computation Biology

Hanley, Luke, PhD
(312) 996-0945
Department/Company: Chemistry
Research Interest: Chemical Mods & Analysis of Biological Surfaces

Hatami-Marbini, Hamed, PhD
(312) 413-2126
Department/Company: Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

He, Bin, PhD
(630) 996-4986
Department/Company: Edward Hines Jr. VA Hospital, Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine
Research Interest: Orthopaedic Surgery & Rehab

Hedman, Glenn, MS
(312) 413-1555
Department/Company: Disability and Human Development
Research Interest: Rehabilitation Engineering

Hu, Ying, PhD
(312) 355-0838
Department/Company: Chemistry
Research Interest: single-molecule and super-resolution imaging, long-distance intercellular communications and cytokine release mechanisms.

Huang, Felix, MD
Department/Company: Emergency Medicine/ Sensory Motor Performance Program

Hulbert, Alicia, MD
(312) 413-8878
Department/Company: Surgery, College of Medicine

Jalilian, Elmira, PhD
(734) 800-9041
Department/Company: Ophthalmology and Visual Science
Research interest:  Stem cells and Corneal neuro-regeneration, Tissue engineering, Stem cell tracking

Jeffery, Constance, PhD
(312) 996-3168
Department/Company: Biological Sciences
Research Interest: Protein Structure & Function

Jeong, Heejin, PhD
Department/Company: Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Research Interest: Mixed Reality, Human-Computer Interaction, Human Behavior Modeling

Jursich, Greg, PhD
(312) 996-0901
Department/Company: Chemistry
Research Interest: Molecular Dynamics, Spectroscopy, Thin Film Deposition, Nanomaterial

Kenney, Linda, PhD
Department/Company: Microbiology and Immunology, College of Medicine

Kenyon, Robert, PhD
(312) 996-3002
Department/Company: Computer Science
Research Interest: Human Computer Interaction

Khalili-Araghi, Fatemeh, PhD
(312) 355-3322
Department/Company: Physics

Kim, Dong-Hyun, PhD
(312) 926-3279
Department/Company: Northwestern University
Research Interest: Biomaterials for Image Guided Medicine

Koh, Timothy, PhD
(312) 996-1617
Department/Company: Kinesiology
Research Interest: Mechanical Load, Muscle Injury, Adaptation

Kotecha, Prakash, PhD
(312) 413-1292
Department/Company: Vishwamitra Research Institute
Research Interest: Sustainability, Carbon capture and Sequestration, Process Systems Engineering, Artificial Intelligence

Lan, Ning, PhD
Department/Company: UIC Biomedical Engineering
Research area: computational modeling of movement control and neurorehabilitation

Larson, Andrew, PhD
Department/Company: NWU Radiology

Lazarov, Orly, PhD
Department/Company: Anatomy and Cell Biology

Lee, Adrian, PhD
(312) 355-6102
Department/Company: Research Engineer

Leiderman, Yannek Isaac, MD, PhD
(312) 413-8000
Department/Company: UIC Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences
Research Interests: Artificial intelligence applications in microsurgery; Decoding the acquisition of surgical skill via deep learning, tool/tissue tracking, and surgeon-gaze tracking; Surgical guidance technology development

Levitan, Irena, PhD
(312) 996-8039
Department/Company: Pulmonary, Critical Care, Sleep Medicine
Research Interest: Cardiovascular Research

Li, Qingbo, PhD
(312) 413-9301
Department/Company: Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
Research Interest: Anaerobic Metabolism, Bacteriostatic Resistance

Mahmud, Nadim, PhD
(312) 996-2242
Department/Company: Medicine

Malik, Asrar, PhD
(312) 996-7635
Department/Company: Pharmacology

McAnany, J. Jason, PhD
(312) 355-3632
Department/Company: Ophthalmology and Visual Science
Research Interest: Visual Dysfunction, Electrophysiology, Psychophysics, Retinal Imaging

Minshall, Richard, PhD
(312) 996-1655
Department/Company: Professor of Medicine, Anesthesiology, and Pharmacology

Mogul, David, PhD
(312) 567-3873
Department/Company: IIT Biomedical Engineering
Research Interest: Electrophysiology & Electrical Dynamics of the Brain

Murer, Sasha Erin, MD
Department/Company: Anesthesia

Naba, Alexandra, PhD
(312) 355-5417
Department/Company: Department of Physiology and Biophysics, UIC College of Medicine
Research Interest: Extracellular Matrix, Proteomics, Bioinformatics. Tissue Engineering

Natarajan, Viswanathan, PhD
(312) 355-5896
Department/Company: Pharmacology & Regenerative Medicine

Naveed, Hammad, PhD

Department/Company: Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago

Ng, Jason, MD, PhD
Department/Company: Medicine

Niederberger, Craig, MD
(312) 996-2779
Department/Company: Urology
Research Interest: Biomechanics & Computational Modeling

Ong, Sang Ging, PhD

(312) 996-7665
Department/Company: Pharmacology & Regenerative Medicine

Onyuksel, Hayat, PhD
(312) 996-2097
Department/Company: Pharmaceutics
Research Interest: Controlled Drug Delivery

Orias, Alejandro Espinoza, PhD
Department/Company: Rush, Orthopedic Surgery

Pajcini, Kostandin, PhD
Department/Company: Pharmacology & Regenerative Medicine

Patwardhan, Avinash G., PhD
(630) 430-7612
Department/Company: Edward Hines Jr. VA Hospital, Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine
Research Interest: Orthopaedic Surgery & Rehab

Penn, Richard, M.D
(312) 355-4972
Department/Company: UIC Biomedical Engineering

Petukhov, Pavel, PhD
(312) 996-4262
Department/Company: Medicinal Chemistry & Pharmacognosy

Pfanner, Peter
Department/Company: Innovation Center
Research Interest: User Centered Medical Device Design

Pietrzak, William, PhD
(219) 267-6639
Department/Company: Biomet, Inc
Research Interest: Orthopedic Biomaterials

Pourzal, Robin, PhD
(312) 942-7270
Department/Company: Orthopedic Surgery

Rameshwar Prasad, PhD
Department/Company: Diagnostic Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, Rush University

Rajh, Tijana, PhD
Department/Company: Molecular Sciences
Research Interest: Nanoscience, Energy Conversion, NanoBio Interface

Rehman, Jalees, MD
(312) 996-5552
Department/Company: Biochemistry
Research Interest: Vascular Biology, Lung Biology & Pathophysiology

Reiter, Rolf Otto, PhD
Department/Company: Radiology

Renner, Susan, PhD
Department/Company: Hines VA Hospital
Research Interest: Biomechanics

Russell, Brenda, PhD
(312) 413-0407
Department/Company: Physiology & Biophysics
Research Interest: Cardiovascular Biophysics

Rymer, William Zev, MD, PhD
Department/Company: Physiology

Salmon, Patrick, PharmD, PhD
Department/Company: Neurosciences, Geneva School of Medicine (CMU)
Research Interest: Genetic Engineering of Cells using Lentivectors

Santambrogio, Marco, PhD
Department/Company: Computer Science

Sawers, Andrew, PhD
Department/Company: Kinesiology and Nutrition

Schonfeld, Dan, PhD
(312) 996-5847
Department/Company: ECE
Research Interest: Medical Imaging

Schwartz, Joel, DMD, DMSc
(312) 355-4311
Department/Company: Oral Medicine
Research Interest: Pathology

Scott, Michael, PhD
(312) 996-4354
Department/Company: Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
Research Interest: Design Theory, CAD

Sena, Kotaro, DDS, PhD
(312) 942-5548
Department/Company: Rush Anatomy & Cell Biology

Shabana, Ahmed, PhD
(312) 996-3600
Department/Company: Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
Research Interest: Dynamic Systems

Shippy, Scott, PhD
(312) 355-2426
Department/Company: Chemistry
Research Interest: Chemical Signaling in the Mammalian Brain

Sharma, Sadhana, PhD
Department/Company: Ohio State University

Shukla, Deepak, PhD
Department/Company: Ophthalmology

Spagnoli, Anna, MD

(312) 942-3034
Department/Company: Pediatrics

Spille, Jan Hendrik
Department/Company: Physics

Stebbins, Glenn, PhD
(312) 563-3854
Department/Company: Rush Neurological Sciences
Research Interest: Effects of Aging on Cognitive Function in Humans

Sukotjo, Cortino, DDS, PhD
Department/Company: Restorative Dentistry

Sumner, Rick, PhD
(312) 942-5501
Department/Company: Rush Anatomy & Cell Biology
Research Interest: Bone Regeneration & Implant Fixation

Szlyk, Janet, PhD
(312) 996-1466
Department/Company: Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences
Research Interest: Vision Loss in Retinal Diseases

Tek, Peter, MS, DO
Department/Company: MWU Urology
Research Interest: Medical Device Design

Towles, Joseph, PhD
(312) 238-1235
Department/Company: Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
Research Interest: Hand biomechanics & control after neurologic injury, simulation of treatment interventions

Tresch, Matthew, PhD
Department/Company: NWU Physiology
Research Interest: Biomechanics & Rehabilitation

Ucker, David, PhD
(312) 413-1102
Department/Company: Microbiology & Immunology

Virdi, Amarjit, PhD
(312) 942-5143
Department/Company: Rush Anatomy & Cell Biology
Research Interest: Biomechanics, Bone Regeneration

Wang, Xiaowei, PhD
Department/Company: Pharmacology & Regenerative Medicine

Weinberg, Guy, MD
(312) 996-4020
Department/Company: Medicine

Westbrook, Carol, MD, PhD
Department/Company: Medicine

Wimmer, Markus, PhD
Department/Company: Rush Orthopedics
Research Interest: Damage and Wearing of Implants

Xu, Jie, PhD
Department/Company: Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Research Interest: Microfluidics, Lab-on-a-chip and Biosensors Micro/Nano transport phenomena

Yamada, Tohru, PhD
(312) 413-1156
Department/Company: Surgery

Yi, Darvin, PhD
Department/Company: Ophthalmology

Zheng, Qiping, PhD
Department/Company: Anatomy and Cell Biology

Zhou, Xiaohong Joe, PhD, DABR, DABMP
(312) 413-3979
Department/Company: Radiology; Center for MR Research
Research Interest: MR Physics, Cancer Imaging, & Neuroimaging

Zhou, Xiaofeng (Charles), PhD, MS
Department/Company: Periodontics