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UIC Bioengineering Student Journal


The UIC Bioengineering Student Journal (UBSJ), which comes out twice per year, offers an academic publication opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students alike. Writing for this journal undergoes a rigorous peer-review process that culminates in approval from the editorial board.

Writing for UBSJ provides an opportunity to develop writing skills in a student-friendly environment. In the UBSJ the focus is on structure, format, and context, not deadlines, exams or grades. When writing a single author article for UBSJ each student can experiment with different stylistic tools; the basic structure of each article is fixed to stimulate an economy of words and thoughts.

The first issue of the UBSJ was published with the hopes of heralding a new chapter where students truly begin to push their ‘definition’ of what biomedical engineering is and what it can be: a journey with endless possibilities. With every publication since, this vision is coming to fruition.

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