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Photo of Liang, Jie

Jie Liang, PhD

Richard and Loan Hill Professor, UIC Distinguished Professor


Building & Room:

164J CSN


820 South Wood Street, MC 563, Chicago, IL 60612

Office Phone:



Director: Center for Bioinformatics and Quantitative Biology

Office: CSN 164J

Lab Location: MSB E603

Lab Website:Molecular and Systems Computational Bioengineering Lab (MoSCoBL)

Computation Server: CASTp


Research Currently in Progress

Dr. Jie Liang leads the Molecular and Systems Computational Bioengineering Lab -MoSCoBL in the Bioengineering Department at the University of Illinois at Chicago. This lab is equipped with a 64-bit Linux clusters with 36 node, each containing dual AMD Opteron CPUs with dual core, with a combined 144 cores availalbe for computation. All nodes are under adequate UPS power management. In addition, this lab is equipped with 4 fast linux quad-core application server machines, each equipped with 8G memory. This linux cluster is supported by a RAID array with multi-terabyte storage space, and is housed in a separate air-conditioned room. This linux cluster and the server machines will be made available for the training activities. In addition to specific application software developed at UIC, numerous computing packages are currently running on this Linux environment, including Splus/R, Matlab, Lapack, Arpack, linear programming packages, VMD, molscript, raster3D, Mesa, -OpenGL, Rasmol/Chime, Hmmer2, clustalX, Fasta, Blast, HMM and many other bioinformatics packages. Complementing the hardware and software array is an accomplished contingent of technical support team from the Advanced Computing and Communications Center that is currently under assembly to support research activities of the -MoSCoBL.