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6th annual research symposium held in Chicago Medical District

PhD student Celine Macaraniag (right) presents her poster to Richard and Loan Hill Clinical Professor Miiri Kotche at the BMES 6th Annual Research Symposium.
University of Illinois Chicago College of Engineering BME professor Eben Alsberg delivers the keynote address at the BMES 6th Annual Research Symposium.

The Richard and Loan Hill Department of Biomedical Engineering and the UIC student chapter of the Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) held the sixth UIC Biomedical Engineering Research Symposium this spring.

This year’s symposium featured a keynote speech given by Richard and Loan Hill Chair Eben Alsberg, 36 posters from graduate and undergraduate students, and eight oral presentations by graduate students and postdoctoral associates.

Clinical Assistant Professor Michael Browne said the goal of this event is to help educate students and enhance career preparedness, which aligns well with BMES’ goals and what they want to do. He added that the three-minute presentation part of the conference was easy to engage with and went really well.

“I enjoyed the event,” BME senior and president of the Biomedical Engineering Society Alannah Rodrigues said. “I got to learn about a lot of different people’s research, and it’s also great to have the opportunity to help people to show all their work.”

She added that she also enjoyed the oral presentations as she found it interesting to hear what others have been up to.

Rodrigues thanked the other members of BMES for helping organize the large event, including Ishita Tiwari, Marti Castillo, Arman Raghian, and Stephan Cevallos. She recommended future students in the department get involved in symposiums and other events to round out their experiences and careers.

Browne acknowledged Rodrigues, BME Department Head Tom Royston, and the BME staff.

University of Illinois Chicago College of Engineering BMES 6th Annual Research Symposium, March 8, 2024.

Winners from this year’s symposium include:

First Place Graduate Oral Presentation: Drew Burns (Professor Alex Leow)

Second Place Graduate Oral Presentation: Owen Lally (Professor Salman Khetani)

Third Place Post-Graduate Oral Presentation: Tobi Adejumo (Richard and Loan Hill Chair Xincheng Yao)

First place Undergraduate Oral Presentation: Amirali Monshizadeh (Professor Alexander Shingleton)

First Place Post-Doctorate Poster Presentation: Mohsin Zafar (Associate Professor Kamran Avanaki)

First Place Graduate Poster Presentation: Celine Macaraniag (Richard and Loan Hill Professor Ian Papautsky)

Second Place Graduate Poster Presentation: Hamed Massoumi (Assistant Professor Elmira Jalilian)

Third Place Graduate Poster Presentation: Aime Luna (Professor Tom Royston)

First Place Undergraduate Poster Presentation: Django Allegretti (Royston)

Second Place Undergraduate Poster Presentation: Angela Mitevska (Assistant Professor Zhangli Peng)

Third Place Undergraduate Poster Presentation: Madison Ferris (Assistant Professor Beatriz Peñalver Bernabé)