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Oct 29 2021

10/29 – Shweta Singh, Purdue University

Biomedical Engineering Seminar

October 29, 2021

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM


SEO 236


851 S. Morgan St, Chicago, IL 60607, Chicago, IL 60612

Watch this seminar live here>>

Speaker: Shweta Singh, PhD

Assistant Professor, Departments of Agricultural & Biological Engineering, Environmental & Ecological Engineering, Purdue University

Title: Advancing Methodologies and Computational Tools for Sustainability assessment of Transition to Low Carbon and Circular Economy

Decarbonization and implementing Circular Economy are two major goals for sustainable development to mitigate the challenges of climate change and increasing anthropogenic wastes. Among numerous pathways proposed for this transition, it is important to evaluate the economic and environmental impacts of these pathways for selection of the most sustainable pathways. Industrial Ecology (IE) is a field of study that focuses on developing methodologies and computational tools to assess large scale impact of these interventions. However, the existing systems modeling techniques in IE for sustainability assessment are slow to implement and lack methodologies that can connect multi-scale systems analysis fast. Research in my group is focused on addressing these limitations of IE methods to provide computational methodologies and tools that will enable fast, and reproducible quantitative evaluation of environmental and economic impacts of decarbonization and circular economy pathways.
In this talk, I will present the advancement to the Industrial Ecology techniques that we are developing in my group.  Some of the techniques that I will discuss are Multi-Regional Input Output (MRIO) models developed on a cloud platform, Physical Input-Output Tables (PIOTs) and automation of generating PIOTs through our unique “Mechanistic models to PIOT” method and a cloud-based platform for automating generation of PIOTs collaboratively. The methods will be demonstrated through case studies on expansion of wind energy and implementing Circular economy strategy in state of Illinois, USA.


UIC Biomedical Engineering

Date posted

Jan 27, 2021

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Oct 22, 2021