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Oct 16 2020

10/16 – Mark A. Tschopp, U.S. Army Research Laboratory

October 16, 2020

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM


Chicago, IL

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Title: Army Research Laboratory – BioEngineering Research in ARL?

Abstract: The Army Research Laboratory is part of the Combat Capabilities Development Command for the Army Futures Command, the result of the largest reorganization of the Army in 45 years. The Army Research Laboratory is the Army's corporate research laboratory, focused on operationalizing science for transformational overmatch.
Dr. Tschopp will briefly give an overview of the US Army Research Laboratory’s recent venture into the Midwest, termed ARL Central. ARL Central is motivated by the “Open Campus” initiative, a new business model for building an integrated work environment with academia, industry, and government, thus fueling innovation through cooperative Research and Development (R&D) collaboration.
Ms. Ashley Eidsmore and Dr. Carolyn Hampton will then discuss their ARL research in the bio-engineering field. Ms. Ashley Eidsmore will discuss her research into the brain – the single most important organ for making you who you are; a vastly complex system with a networked mesh of billions of individual neurons, which communicate electrically at the mercy of metabolism, biochemistry, and physiology. As with any system, even small outside disruptions can lead to widespread and even fatal changes. In this session, she will discuss how research efforts surrounding brain injuries and the changes they induce are shaping a new “industry of the brain” — an industry where novel technologies are developed in effort to protect, repair, integrate with, and even augment the mind and scientific discoveries pave the road for advanced AI and next generation computing. Dr. Carolyn Hampton will then discuss her research into biomechanics modeling for soldier protection, aiming to understand the role of protective wear (boots) and physiology to combat injuries due to underbody blast within vehicles. Dr. Hampton is an ARL civilian staff scientist stationed in Milwaukee, working in conjunction with the Medical College of Wisconsin and the Zabloski VA as a part of ARL’s Open Campus regional site, ARL Central.


Date posted

Sep 1, 2020

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Oct 16, 2020