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Oct 23 2020

10/23 – Steven M. Wright, Texas A & M University

October 23, 2020

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM


Chicago, IL

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Title: RF Designs for Parallel MRI/MRS

Abstract: The use of radiofrequency receiver arrays enabled parallel MRI, a now standard feature of any clinical MRI. RF encoding using receiver elements with distinct patterns reduces the reliance on gradient based image encoding. While the key concept that enabled MRI as we know it, conventional magnetic field gradient encoding is a “slow” process. The field of parallel MRI is expanding well beyond parallel receive arrays, with transmit arrays now playing a key role in enabling MRI at high fields. Additionally, array coils are playing a key role in imaging in inhomogeneous fields, which promises much lower cost MR scanners. This talk will discuss different hardware approaches to parallel MRI that work to overcome homogeneity and coupling issues in high-field MRI, as well as some new approaches to multi-nuclear, multi-coil MRI and MRS.


Date posted

Sep 1, 2020

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Oct 16, 2020