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Oct 15 2021

10/15 – Raghu Raghavan, Therataxis

Biomedical Engineering Seminar

October 15, 2021

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM


SEO 236


851 S. Morgan St, Chicago, IL 60607, Chicago, IL 60612

Watch this seminar live here>>

Seminar: Raghu Raghavan, PhD

Lessons learned from the modeling and monitoring of local therapy deliveries

Abstract: The problem of ensuring that a therapeutic agent reaches the intended target (and avoids damage elsewhere) is an important one.  Reaching this goal increases the probability that the trial of a new drug results in success and, beyond that, maximizes the efficacy of such drugs in clinical use.  This talk concerns drugs that are directly infused into tissue, primarily into the brain, from the viewpoint of what physics-based methods can offer to the practice of biomedicine.  The disposition of the drug is complicated due to many factors including the interstitium which responds to the infusion (poro)elastically, the unpredictability of the device-tissue interaction, and the therapeutic agent size and other properties.  I shall discuss mathematical models and observations that help resolve this issues and go further in ensuring delivery of therapeutics including radionuclides to target, along with results from human studies of intratumoral infusions of an immunotoxin in glioblastoma patients.  I shall also briefly discuss the possibility of ultrasound enhancement of delivery, and several directions for future research in biomedical physics and engineering for understanding the pathways of the brain and for therapy delivery.


UIC Biomedical Engineering

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Sep 21, 2021

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Sep 21, 2021